Hi. I’m Pamela


I smile a lot.  I’m an enthusiastic encourager.  I’m a connector and relator, but don’t ask me anything about math or which way is west, because I am not your Girl. Let’s talk about hope, strength, courage, and perseverance, because I can help you with those!

You know how people get mad or disappointed with God? I help people gain a positive mindset and move closer to God by working through pain with prayer, journaling, and studying the Word, which results in intimacy and growth.

My heart is moved by compassion for you, if you’re in a difficult season. I’ve experienced domestic violence, addiction, suicide, and chronic illness. But I’ve also found redemption, restoration, miracles, and intimacy with God. I want to spend my days sharing God’s goodness.

I’ll share my story vulnerably in hopes you’ll have the courage to do the same. There will be no pretending here. I’ve created this space to encourage, inspire and help you draw closer to God.

I’m a 8w7 on the Enneagram, so I’m bossy but in a fun way!

My strengths are Woo, Positivity, Communication, Relator and Developer

Each month I offer a free guide that relates to my blog series, in a downloaded pdf you can tuck in your Bible. If you’d like a little “Free Encouragement”, leave your name and email below so I know where to send it.

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